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Kitty Condos

Each cat will get multiple cubicles depending on availability. Siblings can room together! Litter and litter boxes are provided! The litter is changed out twice a day.


$20 per night per cat


Sierra Suites

4' x 8' room with a minimum of three walks per day.

(Big enough for 2 German Shepherds to room together)

Has a bench that folds down so they can lay up off the floor!


$27 per night per dog



8' x 8' room with a private outdoor patio they can go in and out on and a minimum of three walks per day. Will be provided a cot.

If your dog hasn't used a doggy door before, that is no problem; there isn't a flap they have to worry about!


$47 per night per dog

Up to 3 siblings can board together in one room.
A $50 deposit may be required for holiday weekends.

A $25 no-show fee may be applied if appointment is not cancelled at least 24 hours before.

We Also Provide:

Day Stay - $20 per pet

Exit Bath - $20 up to $40

Nail trim (dremel) - $20

Additional Walks (for boarders)  - $7 per extra walk

Required Boarding & Release Forms:

~ You can print off and fill out

the forms and bring them with you

to your appointment or fill them out in person.

~ Can put multiple pets on one check-in sheet

~ Only need to sign release form once!

Boarding check-in sheet

Release form

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